VoIP Phone Systems

If you are looking for a new or replacement phone system our solution can offer modern features with lots of flexibility in how and where you and your business can manage phone calls, website live chats, online video meetings, SMS services and more, which can help your business grow and engage with customers. Contact us on (03) 6343 1700 to discuss the best options for your business communication needs.

3CX Phone System

3CX offers a modern solution to business phone systems with the ability to not only make calls from the typical desk phones but you can also use your mobile phone or computer from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. If you want to connect multiple offices, have remote staff members or don’t like giving out your mobile number but would still like to be contactable no matter where you are, 3CX is the solution to all these things and more.


Extra features include a web meeting functionality so there is no need to waste extra money on a yearly Microsoft Teams or Zoom subscription.  There is flexible complex call flow management including a digital receptionist option and integrated chat service options for websites, Facebook or SMS.

Phones & Headsets

With 3CX you are no longer tethered to a desk phone, you can have a wired or wireless headset linked into the phone freeing up your hand or, in the case of the wireless headset, allowing you to move around freely throughout your home or office.

Another option is to use your computer or laptop with an internet connection as a Softphone and connect any wired or wireless headset which allows you to work from home or abroad just like you are in the office.

Lastly, you can download the smart phone app compatible with both iOS and Android and answer and make phone calls wherever you go and no one will even know you are not in the office.