I think my device has a virus, what should I do?

If the device is a computer or laptop, call us on (03) 6343 1700 to arrange for us to reinstall Windows. Unfortunately, there is no perfect virus removal software and we cannot guarantee that all viruses will be removed, therefore, a fresh reinstall of Windows is the best option. We will restore your data (provided it hasn't been crypto-locked) and do our best to set the laptop back up to how it was before the virus.

If your device is a phone or tablet, viruses are not as common but still pose a real threat. If you are concerned you may have a virus, back up your device and important files, such as photos and documents, to a computer or cloud service and perform a factory reset. We can help you with this if you require assistance.

My computer or laptop is running slow, what can be done to speed it up?

A lot of the time, a slow computer or laptop is due to your hard drive degrading and beginning to slow down which can lead to failure and data loss. This can be fixed by cloning your existing drive to a faster and more reliable storage medium called a Solid-State Drive. Many other factors can also cause slowness such as the age of the device, dust build-up, temperature issues, insufficient RAM, bloatware, and more but all this can be assessed by us during a health check of your system.

My internet is slow and my Wi-Fi drops out, what can I do to fix this?

The first step is to always reboot your router, switch it off or unplug the power cable for 10-15 seconds then turn it back on. This can sometimes solve connectivity issues but if the problems persist it may be time to replace your router and/or install a dedicated access point to boost your Wi-Fi range throughout your home or business.

If your dropouts are frequent or for long periods and do not improve after rebooting your router you may need to contact your internet provider and discuss the issues as they may be unaware of a problem in your area.

What is a domain name and why should I purchase one for my business?

A domain name is a unique, cost-effective, and memorable identifier for your business to help promote you and your services online. Once you have a domain name you can then really begin to market yourself with a website, custom email addresses and more, so all potential customers know that you mean business.

Domain names can be registered for up to 5 years before needing renewal and can have different extensions such as .au, .com, .org.au, .net.au, .tech, etc with .com.au being the most common in Australia, however it does require an ABN to register. You can register as many domains and extensions as you need as long as they are available. If you are worried someone may want to register the .com version of your domain, or may want to register a domain name similar to your business, you can purchase the domain first.

My printer has stopped printing, what can I do to fix this?

Rebooting your printer is always step 1. After your printer has turned back on make sure to completely clear out your print queue and if you are still having issues a reinstall of the most up-to-date printer driver from the manufacturer's website can also solve the issue.

If you are unsure how to do any of the steps listed above or have done them all and are still having issues please give us a call on (03) 6343 1700 and we will be happy to help get your printer back up and running.

My printer is reporting a paper jam, what can I do to fix this?

If you cannot visually see the paper jam or believe you have removed it but the printer still refuses to print, the best course of action is to bring the printer to us so that we can fully inspect it, make sure nothing is missing or broken and disassemble the printer if necessary to remove or repair what is causing the issue.

We also offer an on site service if you do not want to bring your printer to us. Some printers will also falsely report jams when the issue could lie elsewhere so it is best to have the printer fully inspected to determine the best course of action to try and get your printer back up and running.

I turned my computer on but there is no display on my screen, what can I do to fix this?

The first step is to reboot your computer by either powering it on and off or pushing the reset button. After that, trace the cabling for your monitor and make sure everything is plugged in securely on both ends and is powered on both at the wall and at the monitor. The next step will vary depending on your monitor but you will need to locate the source/input button/menu and make sure your correct monitor input is selected which corresponds with the cable connection between your monitor and computer. See the connector list below to determine what input your monitor should be using.

If you are still unable to get an image on your monitor it may be time to give us a call on (03) 6343 1700 to talk you through some more advanced troubleshooting or arrange an onsite visit to help get the issue sorted.

Connector List
DVI - Large white plastic coated rectangle connector with a thumb screw on either side
VGA - Blue plastic coated rectangle connector with a thumb screw on either side
HDMI - Usually black plastic coated with protruding metal rectangular connector with the bottom sides being angled inwards
Display Port (DP) - Usually black plastic coated with protruding metal rectangular connector with two teeth on top and the bottom right side being angled inwards. Also has a spring-loaded button on top.

My computer won't power on, what can I do to fix this?

The first step is to check your cabling to make sure the power cable is securely plugged in and turned on at both the wall and the computer. If possible try to plug your computer into a different power outlet and replace the power cord if you have a spare. Check in and around the computer to see if any lights turn on, fans begin to spin, or if you can hear anything when you push the power button.

There are many probable causes for a computer or laptop to not turn on so sometimes it can be difficult to determine what may be the issue. Thankfully we have the equipment and experience to help solve the problem for you so give us a call on (03) 6343 1700 to arrange for a tech to help get your computer back up and running.

If I want to change my business phone setup over to you will I lose my phone number(s)?

The simple answer is no. We have had certain service providers use scare tactics and tell customers they will lose their phone numbers if they move their phone services away but this is simply not correct. We can port your numbers over to our recommended provider Mint Telecom as part of the process of setting up your new phone system or coordinate with your current provider to get the numbers in the format needed.

Who is your recommended internet provider?

Plexus Computing is as able to directly supply internet and SIM card services as competitive rates. Please give us a call on (03) 6343 1700 to discuss the best service to suit your needs.

I would like to transfer my IT services to you, how do I go about this?

The first step is to give us a call on (03) 6343 1700 so we can discuss exactly what you need and how we can help. We can then get in contact with your previous IT company and request any documentation they have to then be sent to us. This may require us to conference call you into the conversation to confirm the transition, or they may require to call you separately.

It is also best for us to perform a site visit to assess your current infrastructure and make sure there are no potential vulnerabilities. We will patch anything that could become an issue and also look for improvements and make further suggestions as required.